30 abril 2009

DVD em 1932?

Uma proposta da RCA Selectavision, uma divisão da RCA de onde vieram a fita magnética e o VHS... em 1932.

Veja o "anúncio":

"Home Movies From Phonograph Records

PLAY a moving picture from a phonograph record!

When Baird, the English television experimenter, suggested this system several years ago, he did not realize how soon it would be before his prophecy would come true.

Those who have listened to television programs know that the signals become audible in the form of a shrill whistle in the loudspeaker. This whistle carries the picture elements in the form of modulated sound.

If we pass this sound through suitable apparatus it becomes capable of reproducing a picture. It is obvious, then, that we could record this sound on a phonograph record and “can” a picture just as we now “can” sound in the form of music.

The sound, in the form of electric current, is taken from the phonograph record by means of a specially designed electrical pick-up. From this point it is carried to an amplifier and thence to a television crater tube. At this point the image is thrown on the screen.

While much remains to be done to develop this apparatus, we may look forward to the day when our moving pictures will come in this new and convenient form."

Fonte: modernmechanix

Só para ter comparação do avançado da idéia: em 1928 foi instalada a primeira estação de TV nos EUA

Fonte: tvhistory

Mauricio Domene

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